SignZoo partners with Spray Foam World Wide

SignZoo partners with Spray Foam World Wide

SignZoo has added a new group to its growing list of contractor associations. We’re excited to announce our partnership with Spray Foam World Wide, a nationwide network of contractors specializing in the spray foam and insulation sector of the service industry.

This group of just under 10,000 contractors has chosen SignZoo to be their vehicle graphics manufacturer. “SignZoo was an easy choice, when you look at their experience, their reputation, the existing partnerships that they’ve maintained in their 20 years in business. That coupled with their industry leading warranty made them our ideal partner,” says Bill Bilben, the groups President and founder. “We have a wide spectrum of contractor members – those that are experienced and have big, branded businesses that are dominant in their service areas – and those that are just starting out, and looking for help with their image and growth. We really needed a graphics manufacturer and a branding partner that could run the gammet and provide valuable service to members on both sides of that spectrum.”

After vetting several potentials, SignZoo was the clear front runner and we’re excited to have them as a knowledgeable resource for our members. Branding vehicles and trailers has proven to play a huge factor in the growth of our member’s businesses – and we’re seeing the fruits of the partnership already. Steven Ellis, of Lotze Insulation Design Inc, in New York state couldn’t be happier. “I’ve had 2 wrapped trailers on the road for exactly one week and we’ve tracked 35 new lead calls directly from the vehicles. I wish I had gotten my trucks branded sooner, and will be wrapping two more imminently. This is our 20th year in business and we’re enjoying a new surge in leads and a great (and now more professional) reputation throughout our service area. I would absolutely recommend SignZoo to my SFWW colleagues.” 

“Our excitement every bit mirrors theirs as we form this new partnership,” says Jaclyn Rebel, SignZoo‘s director of marketing. “We thrive on helping businesses build their brands – and the feedback we get from beginner contractors that are amazed at the effectiveness of our branding and graphics is so rewarding! We work with many seasoned groups comprised of large contractors that have been in business for upwards of 20, 30 years. They know the value of what we do, and the marketing necessity that IS wrapping your fleet. It’s awesome to work with new contractors that are just discovering the opportunity that our product and services can bring. It’s energizing!”

Looks like we’re ready to help an entirely new niche of Home Service contractors #TURNSOMEHEADS.