RV Revival

RV Revival

This isn’t our typical project. Then again, Jeremy and Melissa Moore, aren’t typical customers.

This is the short story of how client collaboration combined with SignZoo expertise to yield a fantastic result.

Jeremy, a physical therapist in Bradenton, and his wife, Melissa, invested in an RV in hopes of traveling with their young family to sites all over the country. After searching for, and finally finding, the right vehicle they knew they needed help. It wasn’t new, and it definitely wasn’t shiny – but they saw potential and dove in head first for a major overhaul!

After talking previously with two other graphic wrap companies, the Moores knew immediately after speaking with SignZoo that they were the partner to work with.

“The team at SignZoo was awesome, they were responsive and knowledgeable. Not only did their extensive product knowledge and extended warranties put our minds at ease, but they also spent time with us explaining their process. Todd and Jason explained in detail the factors that would take this project from ‘ok’ to ‘extraordinary’.” Melissa said.

“For example, at their suggestion, we spent time spray painting the areas on the vehicle where you’d see beyond the wrap BEFORE the graphics were installed. This resulted in a completely seamless look, and something we’re so grateful to have known. That’s the difference working with experts affords you.”

“We worked with James, a SignZoo artist, to restore a classic look and breathe new life into our Winnebago. The end result is nothing short of incredible – in fact, when we posted the before and after on our facebook, we were accused of it being fake!”

“We can’t wait to show off our new RV and to make memories traveling with our family. Thank you SignZoo – we LOVE it!” – Melissa and Jeremy Moore.

Happy Trails, guys!