How to Promote Your Plumbing Business

How to Promote Your Plumbing Business

When you run a plumbing business, you likely have a number of regular customers who may turn to you whenever they have a plumbing issue or need a new fixture installed, but the key to maintaining your income is new customers. With the internet and social media on the rise and not slowing their growth, many businesses focus on these avenues for their advertisement, and for good reason. Around the world, people spend an average of 135 minutes on social media each day.

Using the Internet to Promote Your Business

The internet provides many options for low-cost, high-return advertising of small businesses. Whether you choose to advertise on a blog, make regular social media posts, or rely entirely on good reviews on various websites, you have many options including:

  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Other Social Media Paid Advertisements
  • Local Independent Blog Posts Promoting Your Business in Return for Services
  • Good Reviews on Angie’s List, Better Business Bureau, and More

Physical Advertising via Vehicle Wraps and More

While the internet is a treasure trove of low-cost, effective marketing opportunities, sometimes nothing beats good old physical advertisements in the real world. Plumbing vehicle wraps from a quality company like SignZoo are a great way to make your brand known and recognized throughout town. Since you take your company vehicle to every job, you will receive plenty of exposure and return on your investment.