Paint Replacement Craze!

Paint Replacement Craze!

With it’s benefits of personalized customization, ease of changeability, and cost effectiveness, we’re seeing more and more interest in paint replacement or “color change” graphics. With an ever growing offering of colors and finishes, many people are going the way of graphic wraps for their vehicles and boats.

With paint replacement you can make a green car red, a yellow boat black, and so on and so forth, you get the picture. Additionally, there are unique patterns and finishes that are possible with wraps that cannot be achieved with paint. Some of these include carbon fiber, camouflage, 3D and embossed effect wraps. 

As has been the case on the commercial side for almost two decades, private consumers are becoming increasingly more aware of how wraps can help them stand out and increase visibility. With that, demand for personal-use vehicle and boat customization is at an all time high – with no signs of decline in sight. What better way to make an already awesome car even more noticeable – or, to take an older boat and make it look brand. spanking. new?

Predictably, people are excited about their completed projects – personal vehicle and boats are much more fun to ogle on social media than commercial plumbing vans(No offence plumbers, we love you.) That being said, owners of these show pieces are all to happy to show off their transformed vehicles across the various social platforms. 

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