Companies with a Cause

Companies with a Cause

“Theme wraps” are an increasingly popular undertaking among top service-based fleets.  Having had the privilege to work on many of these special projects, SignZoo wanted to take an opportunity to highlight this growing trend.



A “theme wrap” is a one-of-a-kind vehicle within a company’s service fleet.  Its purpose is to raise awareness surrounding a cause or charity that the company believes in and supports financially. Typically, we’ll see clients set up a specific plan for the revenue generated by this particular service vehicle. For example, “50% of the proceeds generated from this truck will go towards helping homeless veterans.”

Company’s utilize the vehicle’s graphic branding to garner maximum attention. The look of the vehicle is unique in that it coincides with the company’s colors and overall brand, while also featuring imagery and logos associated with the cause or charity.

Here are some examples of theme wraps we’ve helped bring to life.

Russ Noyes Roofing in support of Military families
Plumbing Today in support of Breast Cancer Awareness
Electric Today in support of Law Enforcement
Doug’s in support of American Veterans
My Plumber in support of Alzheimer’s Awareness
My Plumber in support of Autism Awareness

This is truly a win-win for both the company (our customers) and the cause they’re supporting. We’ve seen our client companies experience an outpouring of goodwill from their communities.

“People feel good about contributing to a worthy cause, and being a part of giving, just by using our services.”  

Of course, the recipients are equally thrilled to be receiving the support, so it’s a fulfilling project for all involved.

If you’re interested in how your company can implement a theme wrap and supporting charitable cause, please call SignZoo at 1.800.239.3815 or visit us at We’d love to work with you to identify and design a company-branded cause that everyone – employees and customers alike – can get behind.