Brand Vehicles like the PROs

Brand Vehicles like the PROs

One of our oldest customers (almost 18 years!) – as well as biggest brands, is instantly recognizable to just about everyone. Mister Sparky is the go-to pro for all electrical service and repair needs. 

We’re proud of our longstanding partnership with this powerhouse brand – and work with it’s franchisees all over the country. We are doing 20+ vehicles for Sparky owners this month alone.

With all that experience comes knowledge. Here are some tips to get multiple vehicles branded – like a pro!

1) Create a timeline – Can you spare 2 services vehicles per day? Getting 2 vehicles branded at once can save on installation labor, as well as speed up the project. Two vehicles per day is a good amount of work – so no need to pull 3 or more vehicles off the road at once. Set up a schedule, and plan on rotating two vehicles per day until your graphics project is complete. If 2 vehicles off the road isn’t possible (we get it!), try to make arrangements for vehicles to be branded back to back. This steady pace will result in your project being expedited and efficient. 

2) Leasing options – Are you leasing your vehicles? If you are working with a leasing company, you can take delivery of your vehicles already branded! At SignZoo, we work with fleet leasing companies constantly, to make sure our customer’s vehicles are ready to hit-the-road WITH their graphics installed the day they take delivery. This prevents you from having to pull vehicles off the road, AND you can even get the cost of your wraps “wrapped” (sorry, I had to..) into your monthly payment! 

3) Warranty awareness – As is always the case, it’s important that you’re working with a reputable graphics company to ensure you’re getting the best product with the longest lasting results. We often talk to people (not SignZoo customers) who call us to say that their wraps fade or “change color”.  We ask if the printer they worked with was accredited, and if they offered any warranty (SignZoo has 3M’s coveted MCS designation). Some fading may happen eventually, but not before 5-7 years, depending upon the elements/exposure. If you’re seeing color change (i.e. brown becomes orange) in 6 months to a year, its likely because cheap ink systems were used. 

Whether you’re a franchisee with an established brand to protect – or an independent business owner developing a new brand, color and product durability is key. 

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to branding commercial vehicles. Call us today to talk about your fleet graphics goals and our team of pros will help you #turnsomeheads!