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Keeping Your Wrapped Vehicle Clean

Now that you have your vehicle wrapped, it is vital that you know how to clean it properly. Before you start taking it over to the local gas station car wash, take a look at these valuable tips:

  • Go Mild – While you clean your vehicle, you want to select mild car wash detergents that won’t damage your wrap. Stronger soaps can make your graphics fade or wear down the vinyl on your wrap. Additionally, you should only use special polish made for vehicle wraps.
  • Fight Any Filth – Being proactive about any filth on your vehicle is paramount when you own a wrapped vehicle. You should keep an eye out for sap, bird’s droppings, and other crud that can dry on your car. When you have the opportunity, wipe it down and clean it with warm water.
  • Be Mindful of the Weather – If you live in a colder climate, you should be mindful of snow, ice, and road salt damaging your wrap. When you have the opportunity, you should wash your vehicle as often as possible. Furthermore, never let the snow on your car turn into ice.

Keep your vehicles wrapped in the best car graphic wraps when you invest in selections from SignZoo. Our business offers exceptional wraps that are both designed and installed by professionals.

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